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Udon Thani Immigration Office

Udon Thani Immigration Office has moved location again (Jan 2011) from the International airport to Phosi Road. Please visit the following link for the current location and contact details: http://www.udonmap.com/en/udonthani-business/public-services/local-authorities/immigration-office.html

Service area: Udon Thani & Nong Bua Lamphu

Background information on the old airport Immigration Office
By Steve Graham © udonmap.com 2003-2011

For sometime now, there has been a certain amount of confusion concerning the location of the new immigration office in Udon Thani. Orders came from on high that every province was to have their own office; however, the implementation of this command has been erratic due to lack of funds and an incredibly short timetable to set up the process. For foreigners who are living in Udon Thani, this can prove to be a stressful time as the importance of completing the correct visa paperwork in a timely manner is of the utmost significance if a trouble-free life is sought after. At the time of writing this article, the old airport terminal building at Udon Thani International airport houses the Immigration Office that caters for the needs of the thousands of foreigners that have either made Udon Thani their home or a place to visit. Readers are probably not aware that this office has been open since 7th September this year.

old udon thani airport
The sign above the main entrance reads Airport Administration; however, the only administration that is available at this time is the offices of the Immigration Police. Inside the airport building has been cleaned and seems quite surreal considering the amount of people who used to pass through here on their travels.
udon thani airport

Now it looks more like a film set as this vast building is left empty except for the offices that are used on the right hand side as you walk through the main entrance. If you walk past the main entrance there is a sign that directs you to the waiting area for you to start the task of paperwork completion.

udon airport immigration

As you walk in, you can see the office clearly marked. Chairs are set out for a waiting area outside the main kiosk and the opening hours are from 0830 hours to 1630 hours. The full range of facilities is offered by the police officers who happen to be from outside the Udon Thani area. This includes all the visa classifications as well as the 90 day renewal procedure.

udon immigration office

Unfortunately, this office may well be a temporary measure as moves are underway to upgrade an existing property at the main police station in the centre of town. Meetings have been taking place in November to hopefully finalise the situation. As always, it is a budgetary factor that is causing the delay; which would explain why there is also no website available for the Udon Thani office during this uncertain time. Having experienced the sunlight beaming into this predominantly glass building, it is plain to see that something would have to be done if they were to stay as it would cost a fortune to run air conditioning just for the small area on the right hand side of the old terminal building.

There are four Udon Thani Rajabhat University students who are undertaking work experience at this office who are very eager to practice their English language skills. Jutiporn Lusamret, explained that she would like to be an immigration officer; however, she would have to enrol as a policewoman first before specialising in this type of work. So even though this office might be a temporary measure, it is pleasing to see that the immigration police are still involved in the training and provision of work experience of local university students as they are doing in Nong Khai. We have been assured by the officers working at this office that as soon as a decision has been reached, they will forward the information as soon as possible to minimalise the inconvenience to foreigners living in this province.